Work Experience

Work Experience

University of Ottawa (Ottawa, ON)               Sept 2009 – Present

Research Assistant, VIVA Lab

  • Working on the NSERC Strategic Project entitled “High-quality acquisition and rendering of image-based models for tele-presence in remote environments.” This project aims to reconstruct environments from a series of panoramic images of the environment.
  • My primary focus is on the topic of High Dynamic Range Imaging, and how to integrate this technique into the existing image acquisition and processing pipelines for this project.
  • Performing academic research, experimentation, coding, and software development.
  • Gaining experience in C, C++, MATLAB programming, as well as common libraries related to image processing and computer vision including OpenCV, Image Magick, and Free Image.


Alcatel-Lucent Canada (Ottawa, ON)                       Sept 2007 – Dec 2007

IP Division, 7750 Fourth Level Support

  • Performed Hardware Verification on a new prototype Control/Forwarding Module PCB for Alcatel’s 7710 series Service Routers.
    • Created a new spreadsheet to guide the Hardware Verification process.
    • Verified items including power-up sequences, clocks, and data busses.
    • Performed surface-mount soldering of clock chips and performed a signal comparison of these clocks to the internal clocks of several FPGAs and CPUs.


Alcatel-Lucent Canada (Ottawa, ON)                       Jan 2007 – April 2007

IP Division, 7750 Fourth Level Support

  • Performed Root-Cause Analysis on malfunctioning Input/ Output Modules, Media-Dependant Adapters, and Switch Fabric Modules for Alcatel’s 7750 series service routers.
    • Loaded debug software and used it to narrow down hardware problems.
    • Performed board-level analysis on suspect components using Digital Multi-Meters, Oscilloscopes, and various techniques such as heating/freezing, mechanical stressing and software stressing of components.
  • Performed installation and removal of both surface-mount and through-hole components down to 0402 size.
  • Wrote a guide for debugging 7750 Input/ Output Modules.


Exxon-Mobil (St. John’s, NL)                       May 2006 – Aug 2006

Subsea Department, Hibernia Project

  • Performed Gas Lift analysis, using IPM Prosper well dynamics software, to assess the feasibility of installing Gas Lift equipment on future wells.
    • Gathered and incorporated historical data into software models of future wells.
    • Explored many scenarios and sensitivity analyses of wells with and without Gas Lift.
    • Gave a 20 minute presentation on results, including both technical and economic analysis.


Fortis Alberta (Calgary, AB)             Sept 2005 – Dec 2005

Projects Department

  • Used Microsoft Excel and Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) to create a tool used for calculating aerial power line clearance.
    • Built a Graphical User Interface in Excel which allows users to input various quantities such as pole height, conductor type, and terrain profile.
    • Used VBA to make a visual representation of the pole, conductor, and clearance, which updates as new values are entered for the various relevant measurements.
  • Built an extensive Excel workbook for managing projects and wrote a user guide for it.


Newfoundland Power (St. John’s, NL)                     Jan 2005 – April 2005

Planning Department

  • Updated and maintained an extensive Excel workbook used to track transformer maintenance.
    • Spreadsheet initially contained a single-sheet list of all distribution-level transformers in the system and their specifications and recent maintenance history.
    • Wrote a VBA macro to expand the existing single-sheet format into a multi-sheet format where each transformer had its own sheet in the workbook.
  • Entered a backlog of substation transformer readings into an Excel spreadsheet and wrote VBA macros to update the format of all the new and existing data logs.


Newfoundland Power (Corner Brook, NL)              May 2004 – Aug 2004

Protective Coordination Department

  • Performed distribution-level Protective Device Coordination on many feeders in the Western Newfoundland Region.
    • Used PSS Adept software to update feeder models.
    • Used Cyme TCC to generate time-current curves and to choose distribution fuse sizes to achieve good coordination with substation protective devices.
  • Created and delivered a training presentation to a group of 15 linemen about fuse coordination.