HDR Panorama Demos

HDR Panorama Demos

This page provides several preliminary demonstrations of High Dynamic Range (HDR) panoramas. These are based on thesis work with my supervisor Dr. Jochen Lang. The panoramas were captured using a Point Grey Research Ladybug2 and custom capture software. These panoramas have not had any deghosting algorithm applied and may therefore show minimal ghosting in some areas.




  • These use Microsoft’s HDview plugin, which offers linear and logarithmic tonemapping; make sure to enable tonemapping by clicking the tone adjustment button or pressing ‘t’. If you don't have it already you should be prompted to install it. If you're on a Mac, it will install HDview-SL which does not currently offer the HDR functionality of HDview, but should still let you see the panorama.
  • HDview uses a multi-resolution pyramid storage scheme with JPEG compression. I've used 75% compression to speed things up a bit but there may still be some buffering delay. If this is a problem, see the alternate link below.
  • HDview steals your keyboard and mousewheel functionality. If this happens, use your mouse to click your broswer's back button to get out of here.
  • The Ladybug2 has a fairly low resolution of about 4.5 MP over the sphere, so you can zoom in but things won't look great past about 2x zoom. This is a HW limitation.


If you have trouble viewing these panoramas, try going here where you can view them individually.


Colonel By (CBY) Windows



VIVA Lab Windows


To get a good feeling for the HDR aspect of this scene, switch the tonemapping (flat line button) to linear (straight 45 degree line), then zoom in on the farther windows.


Note: the windows were unfortunately quite dirty at capture time, that is not an imaging artefact.